In 2014 I had the privilege to record an album of original compositions by trumpeter John Adler, professor at the University of Northern Colorado, along with pianist Dan Cavanagh. The album, Things I Like, is an interesting mix of electro/acoustic improvisational music.  Please take a listen...

During the past two years i've had the privilege to tour with Joseph Hall, an incredible Elvis Presley tribute artist that was featured on NBC's America's Got Talent.

Improvisational music has always been where I receive my greatest joy. I've had the privilege to accompany many wonderful musicians in my life including Dan Cavanagh, Young Heo, Ken Edwards, and Tim Ishii. The video below spotlights two other incredible musicians with which I've had the pleasure of playing with on many occasions, Brian Mulholland, and Josh Hanlon.  


"I am the drum; the instrument with evocative power, the instrument with which i have steadily developed my latent abilities, the instrument, which remains an irresistible force against any immovable object. I am the drum; the instrument with which i create soothing stimulations and tantalizing healing rhythms, the soul of life. I am the drum on which i take out my frustrations and energizes every cell in my body."

                                             -- BABATUNDE OLATUNJI

This, too, is Jaime. He also likes teaching music.

Education took a more roundabout path to his vocation. Originally wanting to be purely a performer, Jaime was always encouraged to have something to fall back on. Even though Jaime thrived in his personal adventures through education, he was not always thrilled in entering the music education field. Perhaps feeling that his personal musical explorations would take a back seat to education, but on the contrary.  Being a music instructor has only strengthened, and augmented his love and passion for all aspects of music...  



Whenever I perform live, or record in the studio in the Dallas/Fort Worth area I prefer to perform and record on my own instruments. Nothing can substitute the comfort and pleasure of working with one's own tools, and in the abundant world of drum, cymbal, and percussion manufacturers I believe I've found my personal voice with a few choice brands which include Impression Cymbals, Yamaha Drums, Remo Drum Heads, and Vic Firth Drum Sticks. These special brands allow me to express my entire musical voice with security, ease, and satisfaction...


​2017 Performance dates coming soon...

Past - Present - Future

As a musician, drummer, and educator, Jaime Reyes has contributed more than fifteen years to the Dallas/Fort Worth music scene. Jaime earned bachelors and masters’ degrees in music from The University of Texas, Arlington (B.M., M.M.). While in college Jaime performed under the direction of Tim Ishii, and Bill Snodgrass, and studied percussion with Mike Drake, Adonis Rose, Michael Varner, Jeff Ausdemore, Jim Yakas, and Ed Stephan. He has recorded and toured with The 3 Redneck Tenors, Joseph Hall (America's Got Talent), and Kenneth Copland Ministries. While based in the DFW area, Jaime regularly performs with various musical ensembles which range from jazz, pop, and musical theater productions. Jaime has performed on stage with artists such as Terrell Stafford (Matt Wilson), Bob Mintzer (The Yellowjackets), Linda Oh (Dave Douglas), Remy Le Boeuf (LeBoeuf Brothers), Terri Bibb (Broadway Veteran), Brian Landrus (Esperanza Spalding), Doyle Dykes (Grand Ole Opry), Kenneth Copland, Michael Howell, Dara MacLean Petty, John Adler, Joseph Hall (America's Got Talent), Phil Driscoll, Ricki Derek, David Ellis, Will MacFarlane, Dan Cavanagh, Brian Mulholland, Ken Edwards, and Howard Scott (WAR).  Jaime has performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival, The Hague, Netherlands (1999), and the EUROPA-fest Jazz Competition in Bucharest, Romania (2013). In addition to performing, Jaime also teaches music, and is the percussion instructor at Weatherford College, Wise County Campus, Bridgeport, Texas, and Tarrant County College, Southeast Campus, Arlington, Texas. With the tools of higher education, world travel, and performing experience, Jaime continues to establish himself as a progressive musician, drummer, educator. 


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"if you are able to free yourself through expression in music, it music be jazz. And even the greatest players are only fortunate enough to experience that freedom for a couple of minutes at a time. jazz is the only music in the western world in which the most risk yields the greatest results."

                                  -- KEITH JARRETT

This is Jaime. He likes to play music.

Jaime's path to becoming a musician was as direct as they come. When he was seven years old, he began to "toy" with the drums. He soon realized that he had a passion for music, and specifically the drum set. Knowing that a career in music was not always a secure decision, Jaime pursued his passion and has found consistent return on his initial musical investment.  His family has always supported his career in the arts, and have encouraged him to be the best musician he could be...